Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Waiting is the Hardest Part

We are waiting, waiting, waiting. But we are having fun too, and watching Gabe get stronger every day. 

Tim and I trade shifts for sleep and this week I'm back at work remotely in the afternoons from the Family Resource Center here at CCH. Our family has generously been taking shifts late morning-evening so I can work and Tim can rest. We have never felt alone and are grateful for all the love and support from our family since we checked into the hospital. 

I mentioned previously that the surgery was not a "fix" but was necessary. It did achieve it's purpose and so far the doctors have been well pleased with how Gabe is healing. We have such a long hospital stay to ensure that his wound is healing properly and is protected so it doesn't pull or undo the marvelous work by the surgeons. We are hoping to be discharged this weekend if all continues to go well. 

Gabe went back for surgery about 9 am last Thursday and we were called back to speak with the surgeon at 3 pm and then shortly after to recovery. He slept most of the afternoon but woke up wanting Frozen (that's when we knew he was truly ok) and then stayed awake through 3 Disney movies before heading off to sleep. 

Friday and Saturday Gabe stayed to his bed mostly. He fought vital checks and diaper changes. We played with toys on his tray table and hung out. Sunday it was clear our boy was back. That afternoon we visited the toddler playroom for about 45 minutes and his whole face came alive. We had been trying to entice him to walk, and to ride in his wagon but no dice. If he was out of bed he wanted to be carried. The playroom has been a revelation. We think it's a version of "normal" for him; he's used to being in daycare 5 days a week with other kids. 


We have revisited the playroom each day for both morning and afternoon session. Sometimes he has put his pants and shoes on by himself and then tossed all his stuffed animals and blankets in his wagon before declaring, "go play toys!" 


Note the dinosaur holding the balloon. I love this sweet boy!

Gabe's blankets have been his main comfort items when the hospital environment sometimes causes anxiety 

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